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Types of cookies

FOOD & MUSIC MANAGEMENT S.L. lists the types of cookies used on this site, and the purpose thereof and, where appropriate , third-party cookies used (service providers) :


  • Cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services requested by the user on the web . If you disable these cookies , you can not interact properly with our web content and services.
  • Analysis Cookies (to follow up and analyze web user behavior), advertising (to manage advertising space such as the frequency with which the ads are displayed)

    and behavioral (to manage advertising space based on the specific profile). Cookies are strictly necessary to provide requested  services by the user on the web . If you disable these cookies , you can not properly interact with our content and services.

Cookies Information.

Strictly necessary Login and registration To manage registration and information related to the user session.
Advertising Frequency of ads appearance

Improving and managing experience of the ads (if they are displayed).

Analysis Google Analitycs

Anonymous information about user interaction on the web, recording trends of unidentified users.

Statistical report about traffic and web audience.
Advertising Doubleclick (Google, Inc.)

Information about the ads ( if appear), which are of your interest and if you’ve visited the advertiser’s website .

Control and improve exposure of advertising, prevent your ads from appearing again.

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Changes to the Cookies Policy

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